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Common Mistakes That Are Made When Trying To Lose Weight!

When starting my fitness journey, the battle I came up against was Cardio or Strength Training - which one was better to help me with my fat loss goal? This is also the question I get asked as a Personal Trainer quite alot, so I thought why not answer it in a blog post & help you decide on what training style is better for you & your goals.

Lets start with CARDIO...

In theory, Cardio burns more calories per session.

However the more you weigh, the more calories you'll burn. Because as we know already, fat is basically stored energy. The more fat that you have the more energy you have available to burn. For example:

If you weigh 160 pounds (73 kg), you will burn about 250 calories per 30 minutes of jogging at a moderate pace (1Trusted Source).

If you were to run at a faster pace of 6 miles per hour, you would burn around 365 calories in 30 minutes (1Trusted Source).

On the other hand, if you weight trained for the same amount of time, you might only burn around 130–220 calories.

In general, you’ll burn more calories per session of cardio than weight training for about the same amount of effort.

Despite calories burned, Cardio training has other benefits too:

  • Strengthens Your Heart.

  • Reduces the Risk of Disease.

  • Improves Lung Capacity.

  • Naturally Boosts Energy.

  • Great for Mental Health.

  • Better Sleep.

  • Helps the Immune System.

STRENGTH TRAINING will help you burn more calories day in, day out...

Although a Strength training workout doesn’t typically burn as many calories as a cardio workout, it has other important benefits.

Strength training is more effective than cardio at building muscle, and muscle burns more calories at rest. This means you continue to burn more calories during the hours after your Weights based workout - more than you would do after a cardio based workout.

Strength training is KEY when it comes to increasing your metabolism.

The other benefits that come with Strength training:

  • Maintaining Muscle Tissue.

  • Increased Strength.

  • Improved Bone Health.

  • Controlled Body Fat.

  • Decreased Risk of Injury.

Its always tricky at the beginning of your fitness journey, but I hope this has helped you figure out the best training style for you and your goals.

If you are looking for some more personalised training, and support in working towards your fitness & health goals, I have availability to take on 2 more Personal Training Clients (online or in the gym) before the end of 2021. For further info & a FREE consultation, please enquire here.

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