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Exercise & 'that time of the month'...

So you've started your new fitness regime, and it's coming up to that time of the month. If you're like me, and have been cursed with some of the worst period pains over the years, you'll probably be questioning yourself when it comes to exercising on your period, and you will be thinking about giving it all up because your body feels sluggish & you're completely exhausted. So how are you meant to keep up with this new regime, when it comes to that time of the month?

Staying active is something that you can definitely still do, whilst on your period - but make sure you are listening to your body.

I want to share with you my GO-TO exercises, that will help keep you active & stay on track to reaching your goals, during 'that time of the month'


Walking is something that I do daily, and I advise all of my clients to fit this into their day too. It's one of the best, low impact, activities that can improve your fitness levels but also help you mentally too. Studies say that light Aerobic exercise when on your period can help improve PMS symptoms. So during the worst part of your period, I would advise to keep the exercise low key.


Swimming is a gentle, relaxing way to exercise whilst on your period. Even though putting your swimming cozzy on might be the last thing you want to do when you're feeling abit crappy, swimming can help ease symptoms of PMS, reduce anxiety and tension, & increase your mood.


Another exercise that can help with PMS symptoms is Yoga! I LOVE Yoga - it's calming, soothing and helps relieve tension around the body.

If you're a beginner to exercise, then I would definitely suggest taking up Yoga, however when it comes to that time of the month, take the routines slower & try to integrate some gentle stretching into your daily routine.


The last thing we want to be doing when we're at the worst point of PMS'ing is having that added pressure to head out to the gym. This is why Home-Workouts are perfect for this time of the month.

I would advise doing a home workout that focuses on your form using body weight, or lower weights, & something that is low impact & light, to help you keep that activity level up but not over-do it.


Similar to Yoga, Pilates is a good exercise to opt for if you're wanting to keep things light. Pilates is the activity to go to, to help relieve symptoms of PMS & decrease stress.

There are some really good Pilates for Beginners workouts on YouTube! Definitely go & check them out.


Period symptoms can differ from woman to woman, so it is important to tune into your body at this time of the month and choose the best activity for you. There is no evidence to say that you shouldn't exercise whilst on your period, however intense training is not reccommended. It’s important to do what you feel like and what you think your body is capable of doing.

If you're looking for some Low Impact, Low Intensity @ Home workouts to do during your time of the month, I will be holding my NEW Strength, Movement & Mobility classes on ZOOM from 12th April. The booking system is open HERE now & you can book by class or as a bundle (10 classes per month).

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