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The Mental Health Benefits Of Exercise

If you've followed me for a while you will know by now that I am passionate about fitness, but not just because of the physical benefits it has - because of the benefits that it has on your mental well-being.

Now, I'm no therapist or mental health expert, and i'm not going to sit here and say 'Exercise cures everything' but I found my love for fitness & exercise at one of the lowest points in my life & it is still one of the main things that helps my mental health EVERY DAY!

Exercise has so many positive effects on your mental health, and i'm going to pop them below:


When you work out, Endorphins are released, and these send a message to the brain that then reduces pain and gives you a boost of positivity and pleasure.

This then leads to post workout EUPHORIA - a natural, healthy way to feel good!


Poor sleep can cause anxiety, depression, sadness, & stress. It really takes it toll on our emotional health.

Studies show that regular exercise can:

- Improve sleep quality

- Reduce sleep apnoea

- Shortening the time it takes to fall asleep


Having a consistent exercise routine can help boost your confidence. As you set and achieve goals, you can praise yourself for your achievements and push yourself to become stronger and fitter, which will in return improve your confidence further.

If you're in need of a training plan, or a set routine, to help give you the confidence you need to fly solo for your workouts, then drop me a message here & I will be happy to help.

Overall, Exercise is so much more than just improving your physical health, and your appearance. It can have a huge positive impact on your mental health too & help you in feeling your very best!

Why not take that first step today? I have a workout library FULL of feel good workouts for you to do whenever, wherever - new workouts are uploaded each week, so there is ALWAYS a good variety of workouts for you to choose from!

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