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Tips For Writing Effective Letters To Congress

Communicate in your own words. Personalized letters more effective than utilizing pre-written templates. Keep your comments brief. Only discuss one issue per letter and present your information in a direct, concise, and organized manner. Be specific. Use the bill title and bill number (if available) to ensure clarity.

  • These tips will help increase the effectiveness of your letter: Keep it brief: Letters should never be longer than one page, and should be limited to one issue. Legislative aides read many letters on many issues in a day, so your letter should be as concise as possible.

  • Feb 03, 2005Write on company letterhead if you can. If you know the Member or staff aide, say so at the start of your letter. That may alert the aide reading it to give it special attention. If you live in the Member's district, say so early in your letter. Above all, be brief! Congressional staffs are severely overworked.

  • OTHER HELPFUL TIPS Use the appropriate address and salutation. See the sample letter. Be polite. Like most of us, members of Congress will respond better to positive communication. Write legibly if writing your letter by hand. Proofread your letter for typos and other mistakes. Check the member’s website and social

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