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TransformHER is more than a fat loss plan. It has been designed to help all women build a healthier lifestyle, become fitter & stronger but overall see sustainable results that will last a lifetime, so you'll never need to go on a diet again.

TransformHER is for the busy woman who has tried every diet plan/fat loss plan out there & is always starting again on Monday.

TransformHER is coaching that can be done from at home OR in the gym. It's designed COMPLETELY around you & your goals, so that you are guaranteed to achieve the best possible results.

What's included:

  • A personalised workout plan (via my app) created around YOU & your lifestyle.


  • Full access to my fitness app, where you can track your workouts, progress & nutrition


  • The app also has some extra 'super quick' On Demand workouts too


  • Personalised Nutrition goals (calories & protein)


  • Tracking daily habits via the app (steps, water & nutrition) to help keep you consistent


  • NEW recipe books every month!


  • The opportunity to reflect & review your week, every week via the weekly check in forms (think of this as your weekly journal)


  • Weekly motivation calls with me to help keep you on track & overcome any barriers you may be facing


  • Support from me via WhatsApp to keep you accountable throughout the week


  • Access to the LADIES ONLY Facebook group, that includes educational posts & videos, meal ideas, hints & tips to improve your knowledge around your fitness & wellbeing

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