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The Workout Library

  • The Workout Library

    Every month
    Pre-recorded workouts for All Levels of Fitness
    • 50+ Pre-recorded VIP Workouts

The Workout Library

Workouts In

The Workout Library:

Shape & Tone

Legs Bums & Tums


Full Body HIIT

Core Blast

Dumbbell Shred

Upper Body Burn

The Workout Library is where all of my Pre-Recorded workouts are stored.

The Library currently holds OVER 50+ workouts in there, all designed to help you reach your goals & feel your best.

Each time a class is recorded, it is added to The Workout Library & is then available for you to catch up on, or re-do whenever you like. 

You can access The Workout Library via my app - the link will be sent to you once you sign up - It's the perfect place to catch up on a workout whilst on the go! 


Get access to The Workout Library today & become the very best version of yourself!

Equipment Needed:
 - An Exercise Mat
- Light-weight Dumbbells
(you could also use tins of beans/filled water bottles)
- Water (so you can keep hydrated throughout each workout)


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