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The 4 Week Workout Library Plan

So it's nearing that time of year where we're getting ready to go on our hols & we might be needing a little kick up the bum with our exercise regime, to ensure that we're feeling fab in time for stepping onto that plane ready for a few weeks of sunshine!

Introducing the 4 Week Workout Library Plan...

A guided plan to help keep you on track and to help regular exercise become a part of your lifestyle, without the hefty gym membership.


  • Access to The Workout Library

  • A 4 Week Plan (using the videos in the library)

  • Aiming for 3-4 Workouts a week

  • All can be done from the comfort of your home

  • Very little equipment needed

  • All workouts designed to help you feel fab!

Click here to download your Printable Workout Plan.

Workout Library 4 Week Plan
Download PDF • 54KB

& Click here to get access to The Workout Library for ONLY £10 per month.

No FAD diets

No rediculous exercise routines

So what are you waiting for?

Feel good workouts, to get you ready for your summer!

You got this girl!

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