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Staying Motivated During The Winter

It's that time of year again... WINTER. Where the days are colder, shorter and darker...

If you're like me, then you'll be going to work in darkness and coming home in darkness too & the last thing you'll be wanting to do is workout.

But i'm here to give you that kick up the bum & let you know that it's ABSOLUTELY OK to be feeling demotivated right now!

As I've said before, keeping up with an exercise routine and healthy lifestyle, takes more than motivation, it takes DISCIPLINE, but the motivation is what spurs us on.

I've put together some of my tips on how you can keep moving & motivated, and feeling your best self during these colder months.


Now these goals don't have to be anything too crazy! Setting a few small, realistic goals each month, can help keep you on track and keep you motivated. It doesn't work for everyone, but having an idea of what you would like to achieve can help you put a plan in place and give you something to work towards.


Treat yourself to some new/wintery gym gear. One of my FAVE gym wear brands, USA Pro, have a fab range of workout wear - click here and get kitted out, ready for your workouts.

Remember LAYERS are key in the winter, especially if you're travelling to and from the gym or exercising outdoors.


Preparation is KEY. Pre pack that gym bag the night before. Get your workout gear laid out ready to throw on when you get up. My logic is getting that workout in first thing gets it out of the way before your brain has realised what you're doing haha! Pre-book onto that gym class/VIP Membership class and get it scheduled in (i'll go into this a little more in one of my next tips)

Plan your meals for the week - this way you're not on the hunt for fast food last minute. I have some tasty, easy to make, meals in My Guide To Nutrition, if you're looking for some inspo!


Get your friends involved. This way you can keep each other accountable & motivate each other, and rather than making the workouts a chore, they can be an excuse for you to catch up and have fun :D & if you're unsure of what kind of workout to do together, you could always book onto a class or even book onto a Group PT Session (it's a cheaper alternative to individual PT sessions too ;) ) - I have availability for 1 small group of PT sessions before the end of 2021, so if you're interested enquire here.


Working your fitness regime into your diary can be a struggle around your busy job & lifestyle. However, if you schedule in your workouts and make them a priority, you are more likely to do them. One of the things I do every Sunday evening, is schedule my week. This has become part of my routine. I schedule workouts in, around my clients and classes, and then set for my calendar to remind me 30mins before - the reminder gives me that little nudge to get it done. Try it and see how you get on.


The amount of times I hear my clients say 'WOW I didn't want to do that workout this morning, but I did it, I enjoyed it and now I feel so good' - USE THIS AS YOUR MOTIVATION TO MOVE. Remember how good it feels to get up & move the body. It's that feel of achievement. It's that feeling of satisfaction knowing that you've done something that is good for you, and makes you feel good. And if you're not enjoying your workout routine, CHANGE IT UP. Move in ways that you enjoy and get that feel good feeling back again.

If you're looking for some feel good workouts, then I have an INCREDIBLE Black Friday deal on, which gives you FULL The VIP Membership for just £28.00 every month for the rest of time!!! Click here & get signed up today!!

I'd love to know what keeps you motivated & if this post helped you. If you're still struggling to find that motivation, then drop me a message & i'll be happy to help!

& one last thing...


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